Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lies, Lies and more lies from Volkswagen, Delta, and once again the three headed dog

What is it with people. Do they all really think that we are that stupid? Come on now, most of us are not; some of the people-some of the time. We are really not that stupid.

The Routan is German engineering? You can't get to Memphis, Tennessee for less than 500.00 on Delta (hint,hint it is a hub). You can't poop on a Delta flight out of your class seating when they tell you it takes two days to get to your destination? Chrysler is taking all their business to China and they won't pay for their tooling?


I think the three headed dog is having an affair with Volkswagen while they are secretly screwing Delta, who is actually married to Northwest Airlines, and they all think we are watching American Idol and no one knows why Paula Abdul is so popular. That's just me.

The Routan is simply a Chrysler Mini-van with some different taillights and such-built on the line at Windsor with the mini-van and Volkswagen bitches they don't like what they paid for. One thing NO car company tells you is they don't pay for perfect. Perfect costs money. They pay for 1.33 CPK. Period. Ask around, most of the assholes left in the auto industry do not not what 1.33 CPK is.

Delta, now here is a different story, Doesn't Ever Leave The Airport is the motto of the airline. Now I know why. Tried to look into booking a flight Detroit to New Orleans. Used to be $200 to $300 tops for a layover in Memphis on non-crowded days. HA. It is now hundreds more, takes 2 days, and for 1500.00 you cannot fly straight thru. How can it take 2 days in the United States Of America to fly from Detroit to New Orleans? 2 fucking days. Oh, and by the way do not call Delta unless you are a masochist.

Delta also has a pooping policy. You can only poop in your designated poop spot and in the designated poop time schedule. THIS is not transferable. Pooping is a serious offense if the regulations are not followed.

Chrysler can take their tools to China if they pay for them, same as we are supposed to able to poop where we pay for it. The three headed dog should have put into their contracts that they were only paying for coach tools, same as they should have told Volkswagen "If we like this should, you should too".

We like Paula because she is cute, funny and reminds us of ourselves. Just normal people who think it should not take 2 days to fly within the US, people who have to poop should be able to poop, and German engineering should not be a scam on a Chrysler mini-van.

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