Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Serena, that's me

The peeps said I was serene today in an attempt to make fun of the fact I was stomping about and mad as a hatter. I really feel like Serena in Bewitched, if I can find a way to fuck with you I will.

I had to listen to numerous lectures on why I am such a shitty supplier from people who work for the three headed dog that doesn't pay their bills. Yea, big boys is Windsor up and running yet?

I snowed again today and it was blustery. Blustery should not be an April word.

The newspaper world is going to hell in a hand basket and Big Daddy has tried to get the Wall Street Journal to deliver a paper here for over a week. They just don't want our money or what? This is of course due to the fact the the Detroit papers can't deliver most of the time as very few people here in Motown still have jobs.

Someone tried to set Bambi on fire again today, I had to purge the yard for defects, I had to listen to how shitty we are, and now I have to enter reports on all this shit to my boss who is in a pissy mood as the Spartans lost.

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