Saturday, April 14, 2012

Big Daddy is home

His flight was delayed about an hour, sat at the gate in Shanghai waiting  for the North Korean rocket to fizzle out. He had a good flight and took my advice and found a porter in Detroit to help him out with the 8 bags. Porter takes you to the front of the Customs line. I had barely settled down in the cell phone lot with my book when he called. 40 minutes from wheels down to driving home, not bad. I got lost (inside the airport) trying to pick him up and I swear I cannot tell you how it went wrong or how I got back into the airport, it was an entrance I had never seen before.

We went to the market on the way home and got steaks and baking potatoes and asparagus, it was a wonderful dinner. Big Daddy almost fell over when he saw the ugly coffee maker.

Unpacking is in progress.


  1. Welcome home, BD! I hope you never have to go back to where you were. It started to sound kind of scary and I'm sure Mrs. BD is happy to have you there.

  2. Yea! Welcome home! Glad you are in the best part of the world, with Mrs. BD!

    How do you cook aspargus? I no longer eat at the restaurant where I could get it, and theirs seemed to always be undercooked and too large and tough.

  3. Asparagus is easy if you remember 2 things, it is a spring plant and not meant to be large, huge or woody. Take one piece and snap it in half, that is where you cut all the other pieces. Discard the cut off portion and either steam or roast the remainder. I think people are too afraid to actually throw out most of the asparagus as it is bad or old. Friday I threw 3/4 of the stems away, but the rest was divine. Steamed with butter and lemon.

    1. Thanks! Tamie is bringing some home from her groc shop trip.