Friday, April 6, 2012

The person that invented shopping carts for children.....

Who in all that is right in the world thought this was a good idea. Little untamed cretins running around a grocery store banging people's lower extremities for fun. WTF. Grocery shopping is serious business, not an entertainment venue for very short and obnoxious people. If I ever find this person, it will be ugly.

I made the mistake of shopping this afternoon not realizing and that every stupid asshat in Grosse Pointe would be out there with the spawn of the devil they carried in their golden wombs. And what is up with standing in front of the food items and staring at them as if you are from Mars? If you don't recognize the shit as edible, just move it along. Or my other favorite, find a hot spot and park your cart. Then go find all the food and bring it back to your cart. Except you won't be finding it if it is my way.

Punkin Head came home and had dinner with me, excellent for me. And he fixed the Grandfather Clock, did some toting and carrying and checked for buggers and squirrels. All is well here at home sweet home.

And The Lady sent me an Easter Lily, love it. Thank you.

Amay, the bartender is the recipient of our Chinese worldly goods and is supposed to show up with Two Men and a Cart. The Flower Lady was almost in tears when Big Daddy gave her the flower picture. She had to go find some one who speaks English to tell her that I wanted her to have it. She was very happy and I am glad, she works her ass off and deserves something nice.

Fed Ex says package number 1 is in Shanghai, so now has to go through customs.

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