Friday, April 20, 2012

I am done

Until something positive happens I cannot continue. There was a flurry of phone calls today with different directions for perhaps a job on Monday. Maybe. Maybe a new relo package from Podunk.

Big Daddy finally fixed the stove today as I cooked a nice pot of oil soaked shit yesterday afternoon.

This is the biggest nightmare ever, and I think the quitting smoking is just making it a tad worse.

Reworked vacuum is good.

Just an aside, the problem with the resin shortage for the auto industry cracks me up. Everyone has/had tried for years to make sure they had the "corner on the market". And then the auto industry went with the single sourcing to control the pricing. Well, now you are fucked dudes, you put all your eggs in one basket and it is what it is. And really, there is probably another resin that will do the job, but the way you set up the testing and acceptance criteria, well it will take some time, huh? Now you all get to explain why your original thoughts were wrong.


  1. Nylon-12, ah, and to think they have been making Nylon for only a few years.

    Speaking of vacuum, I finaLLy needed to buy a vacuum pump and nitrogen tank to do an instaLL by myself. I did burn the snot out of my left hand twice while holding an acetylene torch in the other, twice! Its one level of stupidity to touch something hot with your hand that you didn't realize the heat had traveled that far but its a whole other level of ungenius to burn yourself with a torch that way. Anyway, if you need your AC fixed I am a little more qualified now and have a few more eXotic toys than before.

  2. I am hoping the AC lasts this year until I get a handle here.