Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Odds and Ends

Some household items have made a miraculous recovery: toilet decided to flush properly, dishwasher is drying better, ice maker settled down and is turning out tons of frozen water that I throw away.

The music system for the house is on the fritz. Moving the Bose radio into the kitchen until someone can fix this.

I think I have shared that my house is haunted, well living here alone I have avoided all books and TV that are scary, until last night. Big Mistake, now I am just waiting for weird shit. Putting off reading the Hunger Games until I have a housemate. And the book was drugstore trash which just makes it worse.

Big Daddy's boss finally told him about the changes to his contract. Boss man is just figuring out his ass is grass too.

BD's lousy recruiter lost the contract for the job BD is supposed to get next week. He is sending BD emails like they are best friends. This is after BD told him he would never work with him again. I can't wait to hear the entire story of this fiasco. Punkin Head called me on this so I should explain, the lousy recruiter did not get him the job the first time. Company contacted him directly on the new offer and all is good. There are some internal problems due to the contract with the idiots, but they still want Big Daddy really bad.

House across the street is for sale again and looks empty, house next door with the vacant newlyweds has quite a bit going on-not sure what kind of activity but lots of people in and out.

Only 3 more days for BD to come home and now everyone is wondering if Korea is going to set off  the "missile" this weekend, at least he is in Business First if there is a ground delay or diversion.

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  1. Maybe BD could get a job in NorKor!!! I hear the springs are lovely there ...