Sunday, April 29, 2012


We are now Ford people. This is my new ride.

It is almost impossible to drive any non-union car in Detroit. It just makes life difficult. I drove Saabs for years and I did take some guff and damage but it was worth it to drive down Lakeshore with the top down. Now we are Ford people as they did not get caught up in that financial mess, no Government Motors or Tony's Transportation for us. And it has heated seats. I loved my Ford Edge but at 19 MPG and gasoline out of control I can't take that bet again. I would not be surprised if they start rationing gas again.

I went to the hairdresser yesterday and was told I was too blond. I did not think that was possible.

Punkin Head came for dinner, his request was burgers and spinach. I taught Big Daddy how to do a mean sauteed spinach and it cracks me up that Punkin Head loves it. He was the pickiest eater as a child and hated both of those items.

Just a few weeks and Eastern Market has the crazy flower sales, y'all will love pictures of that place, every Saturday it is a madhouse and BD likes to get there a 6 AM to get a parking space. So I better get busy outside. And we have to find the pull cart and radio flyer and clean them up.


  1. If I had the guts to go back to my hair guy after chopping it myself, he'd tell me it's too dark. And he would be right. So yes. There is too blonde and there is too dark. At a certain age, our options are not what they once were.

    1. I went blond as it is less obvious you are getting older with the lighter hair, until it is too light and you look dead. Too dark is just the same, makes you look less than what you wanted. He would love to see you, they adore fixing our mistakes.

  2. Now you can change your blog id to fmc