Sunday, April 8, 2012

It is in God's hand now.

Amay with her 2 men and a cart. She is hitching a ride.

That saying, God helps those who help themselves, well Big Daddy has a plane ticket for Friday. He confirmed he can cancel the back portion, he is using his FF miles, he confirmed the bag allowance and he went to sleep in the barren apartment. He only kept the Ikea chair and the funky coffeemaker.  Amay says if I ever come to visit Shanghai I can always stay with her.

The first offer is a very good one except for the fact that we can prolly never sell this damn house. First I need to put in a furnace, carpet the family room and paint the bitch. If I could find the asshat that did the last paint job I would tie him behind my car with a log chain and drag his ass down Lakeshore Drive. And if the cops stopped me I would show them the painting fiasco. It did not last, and I am not happy. And I hate to paint. I will have to check and see if I told you the story of the painting of the inside of the house.

Next offer is to arrive around Tuesday. BD still has to figure out how to tell his boss he has an emergency and has to fly home. There is an emergency, I am pulling my hair out and I pay quite a bit of money for this hair.

If he takes the first offer and nothing here changes it will be a short term if we can't sell the house. Hate to do that to people but you gotta be able to live. At least he is not making them pay for the plane ticket from China.   That would be bad karma.

My mother decided to add to the drama this month, she left another message this time telling me she is selling her house and asking if I wanted anything. I already knew about the sale from my niece and what part of crazy ass shit does she not get. If there is anything in that house that my brother has not already absconded with-his wife has given it to her relatives. WTF. SIL is the woman who told me she wanted to be me. Creepy. Well, she got what she wanted, she is the beloved daughter and now she has to take care of everything. Hope my other brother gets what he asked for, tho I doubt it.

Off the finish cleaning.


  1. Ah, Family

    I like new painted walls, and enjoyed having a new (used) house 4 years ago without much stuff on the walls, but it eventuaLLy got covered with stuFF. When we got the house it was decorated in Oriental Design and color, complete with a Buddha in the flower bed. We got the house fairly cheap because the Hispanic lady who owned it was only showing it to her friends, and they only wanted to pay the tax value, which was way below market value. We let her keep her Buddha statue. I think I blogged the story about the "theft of missing bricks from the flower bed." I have a silly wife.

  2. I don't know the Buddha might have been a sticking point with me. I have to take pictures of our outdoor statuary if I ever get outside again.

  3. I know what you mean about bad painting. My son-in-law is a pinter. Everyone raves about him. His painting for us is so shitty we no longer use him.

  4. Like the cobbler's children with no shoes?