Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Waiting is the worst

Somehow these grew in my yard.

Big Daddy news:

There is some sort of truce between the recruiter and the hiring company. The hiring company wants a sit down with Big Daddy when this fiasco is over. However, it is not over yet and if the offer does not show up soon BD is on a jet plane to Podunk USA for another interview. Podunk's offer is very good if you do not have to sell a house in Michigan, the land of the no home sales. I can't figure out how my deadbeat brother owns 2 houses, just bought one a few months ago and no one else can get a loan in this area. No loans, no sales of homes.

My vacuum cleaner died. Not really died, just refused to vacuum. This vacuum is quite aged, but it is made by   a famous TV vacuum salesman, maybe inventor. It will take 3 days to fix it. BD however has renewed his love affair with the floor steamer.


  1. A vacuum cleaner with no vac is just a paper weight OR in the best case scenario an 'uum cleaner', not to be confused with an Uma Thurman cleaner.

  2. Esby, it is a good thing I live in Grosse Pointe where people have a reputation for being cheap, this was a really old vac or uum.