Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Clocking, Cleaning, Clenching

Antique clock from Big Daddy's family

This one is going to a professional, I would never attempt to clean the brass and not muck up the workings. In fact I will not even try to get it running as the Grandfather Clock has quit on me. I have tried and tried and the fucker just will not run and keep time.

I am still missing one earring from the great crash. It was a favorite, a gold ball.

I am finding some odd cleaning products left by the kids and don't know what to make of them. I do not have patience for new-fangled things. Plus I have to learn how to work the steam cleaners. I hope the floors survive.

The weather is getting nice again so I may try the cheap hairspray on the silk flower arrangements. Or I may throw them out. The cheap vodka worked on the tulips, so that is plan B if the cheap hairspray does not work.

I am in serious teeth clenching mode as BD is supposed to get an offer on Friday. The offer is contingent on a face to face interview; the company will fly Bd home and to another state. Another company may come through with an offer around the same time. I really put forth effort to not succumb to superstitions but every time in the past I have thought about or investigated changes, shit happened. So I sit and pretend that everything is great and cleaning is my worth in life. Clenching is horrible as it causes that stupid TMJ pain and that is just another condition I refuse to acknowledge. I do wear my bite plate.

I have to finish this cleaning and get to the yardwork as I need a dog, and it seems they all want to come to my house for tea and inspect me and my abode. I also do not have a teapot.


  1. Yes! A doggie!

    I did find out that the warmer on my new coffee pot doesn't turn off automaGically like the last couple coffee makers I have had. This is odd because I paid 5 to 6 times as much for the Bunn versus the Mr Coffee, strange.

    Hope BD gets the job!

  2. My hated Bunn turns off automatically, it just does not pour well and water spatters when I load it up. Yes, it was expensive for a not fancy coffee maker. I am so wanting a doggie and just keeping a stiff upper lip right now. I am almost a certified tight ass Brit.

  3. Good luck to BD. You will never get a dog without a teapot.

  4. I checked on line for teapots and they were all from China, and I am sure phony shit. WTF, more investigation is needed.

  5. Go to Williams Sonoma and buy a medium-sized Brown Betty tea pot. They pour best, keep tea the warmest and only get better with age. If they don't see Brown Bettys, I think they sell white ones.

    Someone once gave me such a tea pot that could provide enough hot tea for my entire neighborhood. I am not that gregarious, so it is stuffed back in some kitchen cabinet.

    I am crossing my fingers for BD. Enough of this round the world to get screwed stuf.

  6. I saw something that was named Brown Betty, glad to know it is a real thing.