Sunday, April 29, 2012

The awful coffee maker died.

The ugliest and hardest to use coffee maker in existence died Saturday. It was so ugly Big Daddy called it the Rube somebody of all coffee makers. It required hours of Windex polishing and it was a nasty ass mess to use. It was a Bunn. It was what, a month old?

Yesterday it decided not to make any more coffee. BD put it into the Trader Joe's shopping bag and took it back to the store. That is about the only receipt I have ever saved and I am so glad I did. We now have a Krups with an insulated pot. It is programmable so BD can have his coffee when he wakes up.

Funny of the day:  I had 2 packages of cone filters that I threw away when I bought the coffee maker from hell. That one took the round filters. New coffee maker takes the cone shaped ones I threw out. I am saving the round ones as I think you can use them to polish glass and mirrors, we will see.


  1. You can always send the Bunn compatible filters to me. I think my Bunn is two months old, I'm not sure, do you remember when I got mine?

  2. No, but you can have them if they don't work on the windows.

  3. Doesn't anyone in the USA drink espresso coffee?

    1. My expresso maker is broken and needs to be taken in to the shop. Soon.