Thursday, April 26, 2012

Employment package came in the mail

Fed Ex was here at 10 AM on the dot and Big Daddy has his package. He is going to pee at 2 this afternoon. After work he is going to the car dealer to make arrangements for a car.

Punkin Head has snagged a great job interview for a well known college in a few days, he graduates Friday and his cat is recovering from the dental surgery.

After being off reading for a while I am back into devouring entire books at a setting. Just dime store pulp but it is so odd to know that when I get a car I can go buy a book anytime. One the books was a nice read, Patrick Taylor wrote An Irish Country Village. It appears to be the middle of 3 books and I will try to find the others, it is about country doctors back in the day.

I wish it would warm up here, not pleasant to go outside for fun.


  1. Congrats on Bds. job, Punkin Head and the smoking thing. Give my best to the cat.

  2. I wiLL trade you some cold thermies for our heat, it set records yesterday here. Back to being spring-like today. This was defnitely a multi yea blog post!

  3. Go, BD! Go, PH! Also, you might want to try the "Village Diary" books by "Miss Read" or the "Country Lady" diaries by EM Delafield.