Thursday, April 5, 2012

We are getting down to the wire

Big Daddy babbled his information to me this morning on Skype. That is what I call BD talking before I am awake, babble. Sometimes he does it all day long. That is what other people call talking and what I call, too much information. Except when I don't listen well and have to keep saying "what did you just say"?

Well, he said he may be coming home next week. He also told me that he got a very odd call from Human Resources about his end date to his service contract. Someone fucked up. Sounds like they were (they being the Chinese owners)  planning on ending his contract without notice. So either the Chinese are taking over earlier than everyone thought or the US is not protecting their expats. And BD thinks his boss is in the dark and prolly gonna be cut too.

Fed Ex offer just left Memphis this morning so that is not gonna arrive on Friday and the other offer should arrive via email Monday-ish. The other offer is also being sent overnight to me. Big Daddy checked and can use his FF miles to get home next week. It is time to end this nightmare.

Found my gold ball earring. Made cheeseburgers last night, it was a disaster. I have to take out the garbage again.

Those of you who pray, please do so. Those of you who don't, please think good thoughts. Those of you who are ugly asshats, there is a job that now pays shit waiting for you in China. Oh yea, BD's company hired a new person this morning that someone is supposed to train. Hilarious.


  1. Training and straining.

    Sorry you had bad luck with burgers. I am fixing to have my grilled chicken sandwich at the diner. I am also delivering a baby pineapple plant to a friend. It has taken since Nov 1st to get started and make the first new leaves. So everybody at the diner is getting to see it too. Well, time to eat!

  2. Nola,

    Sounds very promising!!! will keep my fingers crossed for you!!


  3. Esby, it is not fixing, it is fixin to eat at the diner. Hope the baby pineapple is good.

    Mov, thanks,fingers crossed is good.