Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back to abnormal

Trader Joe's rice and Mexican chocolate.

Once again I have a craaazy idea to cook food for others to consume. After getting my hair back to the proper shade of red and having a hair washing conference. I went to the store for supplies. I am making Mole Rice and another surprise dish. That Mole word needs an accent and I do not know how to do that.

Now Big Daddy tells me he has a mandatory 3-5 meeting with the design and product engineers over timing. This meeting could go to 7 as these engineers cannot make a decision which is why they have timing problems. They promise the moon and can't do a map to the nearest rest room. That is the loo, washroom, banyo, WC, or outhouse for those speaking other languages. I like to brag about my command of many foreign tongues.

Surprise of the day, we are the only ones in our little area with an American flag out today. Is it how soon they forget or how soon they get complacent?

No surprise of the day, I broke the radio in my car. I do not have time to figure this out today so no music or talk for me.

And Netflix is a mystery. I think we have an account and are charged for it. They sent us a movie in the mail. It is the same movie we watched on the television.  We really need to look into this.

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