Sunday, September 9, 2012

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf

I have no idea why a picture of one of the patio tables is on my computer. Those are the bells we got in New Orleans many years ago and the sound is sweet.

I am not sure why, I am tending to think that there is no real routine here, but sniping seems to be the flavor of the weekend.

I made soup for Big Daddy Friday afternoon and with the discovery of the slow cooker in the pantry I had a perfect place to cook it. He announces Saturday morning that he thinks soup and salad will be just great for dinner. I do not like soup as a rule and making a meal of it is not in my playbook. So that is how we started out.

Pick, pick, pick. Except when he got his new shoes and socks I ordered for him. Then he was all happiness and light. The shoes are waterproof and should work well in this awful environment this winter. I'll let you know if they get the job done.

I am also disgusted with men with gray hair and beards pretending to be in their 20's and wearing that shaggy look. Brad Pitt looked cute with day old growth on his pretty face. Old men with gray beards do not look so good. Actually they look like shit unless they are groomed within an inch of the lives.

And what in the hell happened to 2 penny Jenny at the convention. That woman looked like she stole the rest of Ann Romney's drugs and washed them down with a quart of Red Bull. She was never that excited about anything when she was here in Michigan. And by the way, as soon as possible she moved her family to California so a little disingenuous to claim to be from Michigan at the convention. (Born in Canada, raised out west, ruined Michigan, moved back to California.)  Also loved how she did not mention that all the non-union GM retirees were screwed out of their pensions. Surprised that Bob King did not chastise them for not joining the union.


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    1. Jennifer Granholm our last Gov who wanted to tax services like shoe shines and lap dances 2 cents, that is how she earned her nickname.