Sunday, September 23, 2012


Odd things happen to me. They are never, so far, life threatening, just odd. Everything has been pretty normal since I got back from China and I think that is because I have led a very quiet life. Friday night we were eating dinner and watching television when I suddenly felt a stab in the upper part of my mouth. Feeling around with my tongue there was something hard there. It was a wire. The wire was about 3/4 of an inch long and very small diameter. I pulled it out of the upper palate and asked Big Daddy what the hell it was. He thought at first something from his BBQ brush, but this wire was way too small for that. And it was in the cole slaw.

Of course the first thing I thought of was the story of the needles in the airline catering sandwiches. But it was not a needle. We decided no more pre-cut cabbage as BD thinks it was something from the cutting or cleaning equipment that broke off. I always did think buying pre-cut cabbage was kind of expensive and a waste, especially as we have an expensive food processor. So I did not finish dinner as this was the first bite and had butter bean soup for dinner. Homemade.

 This is not the first time this has happened. In China I found a wire coil in my mouth. And it is not just my mouth. A couple years ago I pushed down the clutch on my car and popped a nerve by my ankle. Orthopedic surgeon said it was the most unusual thing he had seen. Just odd.

Saturday we were sitting here and heard noises that sounded like firecrackers. Lots of them and it did not stop. BD tracked it down, the Slavic half way house had an old fashioned rug beater and a saw horse set up in the back yard to clean their rugs. WTF. It took 2 people to beat the rugs.

Washer/Dryer running again, just a snafu from the furnace installers. I found a heart shaped spring form cake pan, a popover pan and a pie plate. Plus an electric soup pot and an electric burner. I cannot fathom where this stuff came from except the popover pan. That came from Williams Sonoma. And 2 huge turkey roasters. Why would we have 2? I also found the broiler pan, something I was actually looking for.

So this afternoon we are roasting 2 chickens (in one huge roaster) to save time and electricity. This means I will have to make soup stock tomorrow. And next Sunday will be popover day.



  1. You have broken wires suddenly appearing inside you? Honey, I hope you are sitting down, but I hate to break this bad (?) news to you: You are an android and you are just wearing out. Please report to the Android Recycling Station for melt-down by neXt Tuesday. Sorry you didn't get your notice, you know how the mail service is lately in the break-away republic of Mitt-chigan.

  2. What I wouldn't give to see two Slavs beating a rug over a saw horse.



    1. I would pay even more to see two horses chasing Slavs, something slightly different than the Kentucky Derby, but stiLL on a track, complete with admission and betting.

  3. We had to peek through the arborvitae.