Thursday, September 6, 2012

Potty training for Big Daddy

I have no problem with Sammy Spanky Dog once we figured out how to communicate.  Vigilance is the key, I don't know his previous history but I know if you do not run a tight ship this little fucker will do as he pleases. He goes to the door and waits for you to let him out. This means you better know where he is every minute. And do not let him roam without supervision. As he is pretty laid back this is fairly easy.

I have noticed that this time with Big Daddy's return there is a bit of sibling rivalry. Really Sammy spends more time here than BD.  I told BD that Sammy is competing with him to be the Beta. They both agree I am the Alpha through sheer terror of mama and her happiness. Sammy does not want to let BD sit in Mama's chair. He does not snarl or grr, he simply goes limp and will not move. Sometimes he will not go out for BD unless I tell him to go.

Well this morning there was a cherry put on this competition sundae. BD insists on using his routine in the morning for when Sammy poops and pees and eats. (Another engineer re-inventing the wheel) So after a long and drawn out huffing and puffing and bitching I was tired of hearing about how Sammy was an ingrate and not DOING his job. Until, I heard the swearing and bitching about how Sammy shat in BD's room. And I am sure that was the dog giving his rival the finger.


  1. You understand both the men too well. Sad that BD doesn't know how to go higher or lower on the chain. They will compete until then.

  2. :-) There are whole hierarchies that we do not understand...