Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Just in the nick of time

Just part of the mess from downstairs. Tall item is the little furnace.

Weather has taken a turn, we now feel like fall. Gray skies, wind and rain. Low in the forties and high yesterday never made it to 60. Perfect time for testing my new furnace.

This is the cast iron part of the original furnace.

Took 9 1/2 hours plus their small lunch break. Loud, noisy, and dirty are fair descriptions of the job. There is still a cement pad that needs to be removed from the second air conditioner.

When I got up this morning it was chilly in the house and when I checked the temp was 69. Normally this would not be a prompt to turn on the heat but it was a great time to check that everything is working. So far so good. Next check is how the bathroom heats up at what temp. Can't stand to be cold taking a shower.

Talking about not being able to take the cold with the wet, well Sammy dog is having a problem with the morning pee pee. It is cool and wet in the morning and Sammy seems to have very sensitive toes and feet pads.  Refuses to put his paw on the grass. Must be escorted to the lawn and physically deposited into to the grass. Think of it as throwing your kid in the lake. I can't wait to see his furry little face when it snows.

Temps all week cool and rainy so now we will be comfortable. Hooray.


  1. How about those training pads? They might be delicate enough for his sensitive tootsies.

    1. It is hilarious to watch him holding his paw over the grass as if measuring the dew factor.

  2. Perhaps he will love the snow - like my cat Sissi?

    1. We had a smaller toy poodle who loved the snow, would not come in until he was almost frozen solid.