Friday, September 21, 2012


Punkin Head is not well, I hope he is starting to feel better. A cold he thinks. One that put him in the bed with a fever.

Yesterday I received a welcome phone call from Blue Bay, the fish monger, she had whole Pompano. That is the most wonderful fish in the world. Grilled with a butter sauce, delightful. And there are 2 more in the freezer for when the spirit moves us to luscious fish dinners.

My washer and dryer don't work anymore. Something to do with unhooking the electric for the little furnace. So the furnace people are returning Saturday to fix this, more mess for me.

There was a murder/suicide at an assembly plant here in town yesterday. Killer supposedly jumped off his hilo and stabbed a guy then escaped and shot himself on Belle Isle. Rumors are it was a love triangle. That would not surprise me as it was quite common in the plants. So was just plain craziness.

The political bullshit is starting to drive me batty. I cannot understand how people can be so dense as to believe a snippet of conversation or anything written in the media at face value. My favorite tactic is the one that if "The Bad Thing Is Voted Down" there will be a miracle and in a burst of glory everything will be beautiful and we will have more teachers. This includes a bridge to Canada.

Political surveys are my favorite. How many people actually still have a land line besides me? Who are the people responding to the polls?

Figured out Netflix, just got Mirror Mirror in the mail for Friday movie night. Woo hoo.


  1. I have a land line, no, I forgot the businesses too, so I actuaLLy have THREE landlines. And 3 separate Internet providers. Its complicated.

  2. Are you getting the calls? Don't think they are supposed to call business lines.