Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fabulous to Frumpy

Not a great shot of red roses.

Well, Big Daddy brought me 2 dozen red roses so there are some in the living room and some in the dining room. The are not very fragrant but they are pretty.

Big Daddy made a delicious dinner and he bought an antique silver tray for our after dinner tea. We have a new tradition, we take tea in the evening while watching intelligent and thoughtful television programs. Well, the tea part is true. We have a wooden tray but BD did not think it was quite right and the new one is very nice. The reason for the new tea tradition is -tada- we are on a very strict diet regimen. Only protien, vegetables, and fruit with good fat and fiber. And I have given up alcohol and BD has given up bagles. After 2 weeks I have gained 2 pounds and BD is not allowed to discuss weight in any way, shape or form.

BD also bought me a robe and nightgown as he said mine are all ratty and I need something nice, even if I am fat. He did not say the fat part out loud. The nightwear did. It is granny wear. The lenght is below the knee and there is a zipper in the front. All I need are some hair rollers and a hair net and I will be able to officially scare the bejesus out of small children and animals. If I sprout a hair coming out of my chin I am going back to smoking and drinking.


  1. You know it's the sentiment, and roses and a silver tea tray are a bunch of sentiment.

  2. Given up alcohol! Holy Toledo!