Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It feels like it was just yesterday, nah.

Thirty six years ago today Big Daddy and I got married. It is hard to believe it has been that long, but in looking back there was a lot of water that went under that bridge. We only have the pictures my mother sent this spring and they are the old faded Polaroids. I can't believe no one took pictures that would last. It was my second marriage (first one lasted 10 minutes) so it was very low key. The reception was at BD's parents home and his mom put out flowers from her garden. The cake fell over so BD's grandmother just took her piece and said goodbye. No one told me about the cake and when grandma said goodbye she informed me there was no need to cut the cake, she took care of that chore.

The most memorable celebrations we had were the anniversaries after 9/11. We were supposed to go to New Orleans, BD had never been, and that was cancelled due to the flights being grounded. The following year we made it to Nola and BD had a huge bouquet of red roses waiting in our room. That visit was our first and only meal at Galatoires, we were not happy with anything to do with that lunch.

This year it is much cooler, we had really great weather on our wedding day. Big Daddy is making me a surprise dinner. I got him presents this year, we usually do but it is not a must for us. He got chips for the smoker, planks for cooking the fish, and a boning knife. He is not back into cooking like before but he is loving the smoker and the grill. I gave them to him as they arrived so he could use them this summer.

My mother-in-law sent us a card and I had to chuckle, BD's parents were not happy about the (gasp) divorcee status of his bride but it has worked out just fine.


  1. You are the second bride celebrating an anniversary today in my blog world. How wonderful to read about. I do like Big Daddy's grandma! Congratulations1

  2. Congratulations. Have a nice anniversary.