Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I was so looking forward to fall

By the end of August there was very little on television or in the papers. Isaac was worth watching and the conventions were coming. We have 2 big trials coming to Detroit and assorted Michigan nonsense plus the new TV shows. I am learning this was misplaced anticipation.

Isaac showed that the Feds, as in Army Corps of Engineers, still have not figured out how to keep shit from flooding and people still insist on living where it is gonna flood.

Ann Romney looked like she was on speed and coached to be perky, perky, perky. Michelle Obama wore a cocktail dress and lavender nail polish to tell us that she and hubs are just plain folks like us.

There is nothing on TV. This is insane, there used to be stuff on TV that you waited for. Boardwalk Empire won't start for weeks, and some shows do not start until October. WTF.  And all the Dancing With The Stars contestants are re-treads.

Kwame Kenyatta, Detroit City Council, wants Mayor Bing removed from office because he ignored Kwame's emails. This is the same Kwame who would not vote on things he did not agree with. Kwame Kilpatrick, former Mayor of Detroit, is waiting for a jury to be seated in his trial. One of his co-defendants has threatened to tell all of the dirt because he cannot get a separate trial. WTH.

Well, we are 2 days into the week and no travel plans for Big Daddy yet, that is amazing.


  1. I am semi-looking forward to the new teleBision show about the human who move into neighborhood occupied by space aliens. I was a 3RD Rock From The Sun fan. It is stiLL warm enough here for awhile longer for my pineapples to be outside at night. I got my FS2500 instaLLed, I couldn't remember if I told you yet. Not much else new, eXcept Cooper knows that when I put my sunglasses on that he can quit griping about going outside and he gets eXcited that we are fixing to walk out the door to go play and water things.

    1. What is the name of that show? Loved the Rock show. Cooper will be counting soon.