Thursday, December 13, 2012

The decorating commences

Well using my old negotiating techniques I led with the highest priced paper and when Big Daddy was getting used to it I showed him my other choice. Much more palatable to him and I think we have a winner. I did forget to check on the rug and that must be done tonight before we place the order. The paper is 3 dimensional and should be just enough change to make me happy.

I was searching for a jewelry site yesterday and found one with a very interesting article on the Jeffrey MacDonald murders from back in the 70's. The blog is Wendy Brandes Jewelry Blog and the article is by Gene Weingarten for the Washington Post. I had forgotten about this case and MacDonald is still fighting this in the courts. A library visit is necessary for the original book, Fatal Vision written by McGinnis who is also writing The Rogue about Sarah Palin. I also need the Widow of the South one more time to finally finish it. There is a second book about New Orleans the finishes the story, that one I will have to look up.

By the way Wendy does nice jewelry too. I saw a picture of a custom wedding band she did and it is gorgeous and unique to the owners requests.

I have the Christmas shopping almost finished if Punkin Head would give me his list, if not it is money and I hate to do that. Now I am just waiting to see if the postal service gets it all delivered. One is coming from the Czech Republic so that is the dicey one I think. It is Big Daddy's present so I am hopeful Santa is helping it along. Ho Ho Ho.


  1. Widow of the South? It didn't do it for me. Misery, depression, more misery, mangled bodies, dead children...At least, that's the book I read. I even got it for free and ended up giving it to the library. Maybe I wasn't able to read between the lines properly. I know this is one of my blind spots.

    Each to her own. Lately, reading Mansfield Park. Slow going, especially since I fall asleep after five minutes of reading.

  2. I have no idea what 3 dimensional wallpaper is.

    1. I will take a picture when it arrives.

  3. I am fairly certain it is mine own book I keep checking out. When I first got it I just could not read it, gave it to the library. Then one Thanksgiving we went to Nashville and visited Carnton House, fascinating to me. So I started reading the book again but have never actually finished it. Of course with Tennessee History as one of my school courses, 5th grade maybe, with much time spent on the War Of Northern Aggression, I was well versed on some of the battles.