Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fat Fat the Sewer Rat

I don't know where I first heard that but it has stuck with me forever. I learned how to take the photo where you can't really see my face. I think that it is great to learn something new, but as I wear the same outfit or variations of it, this knowledge is not really bankable.

That rug is in the next batch to go to Hagopian for cleaning.

This necklace is Artini from China, from what I can find on the Internet the founder is in a Psychiatric hospital and the brand has disappeared. This was the Christmas ornament from 2009 when I first arrived in Shanghai. Artini was costume jewelry of fairly good quality.

I also learned how to take pictures in the mirror. Woo hoo.

Remember the idiot arrested for trying to hire a hit man to kill the hit man he is alleged to have hired to kill his wife? Well he was sentenced to 6-20 years for that little felony. Still waiting for him to be charged in his wife's death.

The Right To Work law the legislature passed last Thursday becoming quite the controversy. Some schools had to shut down today as the teachers are in Lansing protesting. I don't think much will change in the near future with the current union jobs, unless something crazy happens. The culture is too ingrained in some areas. The Gov is going to sign it today and we will see how this shakes out.

Now I have to go and finish the wallpaper fights with Big Daddy.


  1. So, now have a picture of your legs with red shoes, and several square inches of necklace area. Is that also you in the first picture with the flash of the camera?

    I am having a somewhat miserable day. At least I have souped myself, and more recently coffee'd myself. We have been busy watching 'Breaking Bad'. It is a wild ride of a teleBision show. The seasons 1-4 are on Netflix, and then I got the first half of season five from iTunes. The second half airs in 2013.

    1. Breaking Bad, I have heard some rumblings of a huge fan base, I need to check that one out.