Thursday, December 27, 2012

Let it Snow

Well you can tell we haven't seen snow in a while, we are the only ones excited. While we wait for the snow removal guy Big Daddy forgot to make a poop and pee area and Sammy Dog is not amused.

Sammy Dog went to the vet yesterday for his meet and greet and to find out if his cough is a problem, he has been coughing more in the colder weather. He seems to be okay and we know what to look for if things change. And he got to have fun at the vet's office, an older couple came in with their pup and just our luck it was a dead ringer for the black dog across the street. The hated black dog. The sight of the black dog sends Sammy into a state of enragement*, so of course exactly the same thing happened at the vet's causing the black dog doppelganger to cower and pee on the floor. This of course upset the old people (the guy was using a walker) as I am certain they made sure that their dog was peed prior to the visit.

Speaking of dogs, once again Grosse Pointers have proven themselves to be the cheapest people on the planet. There were 2 Golden Retrievers out for a walk and their owner had wrapped them in bath towels held on with Bungee cords. WTF.

*I invented a new word.

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