Monday, December 10, 2012

Blah, blah, blah

December view of the lake. The weather is still quite mild here.

Mr. Slav is very proud of his Christmas lights, he told Big Daddy it is his first lighting decor ever. How odd as this is not his home he gussied up, maybe Mrs. Slav hates lights on he can't wow it up at home. I have to get out and take some Christmas pictures soon.

I had my hair done this morning and we are getting very close to normal. That is if normal is a trashy blond with a tendency to show too much cleavage. It is hard to find fat clothes that cover the boobage.

I walked into the Benjamin Moore store and had my wallpaper in 15 minutes. I have saved the image and specs online for Big Daddy and we will see how this progresses. BD groused that he only liked Shelby Paint and Wallpaper and guess what? They own this store too. The dude in charge said if you can hang paper this particular paper will be no problem. And he can custom make a coordinating paint. After we get the paper. Which is at least a week to order. And wallpaper suppliers shut down like auto suppliers over Christmas holidays. Order soon or wait until January. Sometimes when I get ideas like this it is almost as if I am physic and it was just meant to be.


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