Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's not beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Okay it is starting to get on my nerves about no Christmas here at the old homestead. Well, we do have the wreath on the front porch but I am not gonna sit outside and look at the decoration.

The wallpaper is not in so we can't get the paint matched yet. Project on hold.

It is raining cats and dogs. Not really is raining copious amounts of water. We were supposed to get snow, but no we are getting rain. So it will be soggy and damp tonight. Rain is boring

We need to go get wrapping paper as we did not get a gift of present wrapping necessities this year. I forgot we used to get gifts from Big Daddy's suppliers in the good old days. If we wait (which I know BD is going to think is a good idea) all the stuff will be gone the day after Christmas and we need to wrap for the kids as they are coming after Christmas to visit with us. They are going to Vermont for Christmas with The Fiancee's family.

We have not spent Christmas here for years and years. We always went away for Christmas. In China we were certainly away and BD took some vacation days to make it seem like a holiday. We usually went to New Orleans, though once after Hurricane Katrina we went to Montreal. I have never been so cold as we were in Montreal, mostly because I did not dress properly for freezing your ass off temperatures. I wore a full length beaver coat and gloves and boots and bought a fur hat and still felt like a popsicle.  And we walked everywhere in the snow and Montreal does not shovel sidewalks and walkways.

We need a plan to get through this Christmas and start fresh in the new year, just dust this past year off our shoes and carry on.

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