Saturday, December 22, 2012

Well what to my wondering ears should appear

But a recruiter on the phone the Friday before Christmas week, actually late in the afternoon of the last working day before Christmas break. This reminds me of Kramer vs Kramer except they are calling me. This has to be a desperate recruiter or I am perfect for this job. He loved my resume and the hiring dude is in til noon tomorrow, on a holiday weekend. And the recruiter dude is in most of next week. We will see. And these people are actually in the pay range I would like.

Punkin Head also got an interview this week. Maybe it is Santa giving early gifts.

Quite a few of our public schools were closed Thursday and Friday as the Mayan bullshit caused some threats to safety. I cannot comment on this other than to say this is probably the same group of people that damaged the buses last year and are now behind the Mayan violence.

We have perked up a bit here, there was a modest snowfall-just enough to say there is snow-and I am enjoying watching Sammy decide if he likes it or not. Big Daddy got into the spirit and we made plans for holiday food. He is off to get a Dearborn ham and I am waiting for him to call and say there are no hams. Today we are having salmon, Sunday is duck, Monday is hor d'oeuvres and Christmas day will be the ham. Oh and strata for breakfast.

When BD was going through his old menu folders he found the cheese straw recipe and the last menu from Antoine's we had autographed. We collect menu's from restaurants we love and have them signed by the staff. My favorite is from Chef Morimoto in Philly.

Well I must get organized for the holiday but I will report back on our food and merry-making.


  1. The Mayan idiocy was so out of control there were police and military at my granddaughter's band concert performance Thursday evening. It was just the usual nice family audience. I wish the little punks would grow pink noses or something so we can identify them, break their phones in half and appropriate their allowances to pay all that police overtime.

    1. I am with you Joanne, those pink noses better watch out for old ladies tired of this bullshit.