Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Much too busy

Sorry I have neglected writing this week but I have been swamped with so many things requiring my attention. The largest issue in my life is the toilet. Yes once again the toilet and I are at odds. It makes this weird noise-like a loud surge or rush that lasts about 6 seconds. As I paid to have the entire toilet rebuilt just a couple years ago I found this quite maddening. Big Daddy said I was ripped off. So he spent the majority of Saturday repairing the toilet. Saturday night it still made the noise, but not as often. So he spent the majority of Sunday re-repairing the toilet. Now when you flush bits of paper float back up. As this is our regular toilet paper and not some holiday happy toilet paper I am thinking it is the toilet fucking with me once again. And the toilet is in cahoots with BD as he has decided I need toilet flushing lessons again. I don't know which is worse, a woman who cannot properly flush her toilet and must be constantly retrained-or-a rogue toilet that is out to get me.

Yesterday there was a huge thud on the roof. I was in the family room when it thudded and everything here looks okay from the inside. BD can't get up there to check it out until this weekend as it is dark when he gets home from work.

The delays in the plaster repair have a bright side, I have decided to paper the dining room. I am thinking a light bronze.

I am back into a reading mode so I must go and read and get on Amazon to order more books.


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