Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I am not nosy

We watched the Iron Lady last night and it was one of the oddest movies I have seen in a long time. Not my cup of tea and made Margaret Thatcher look like a loon or an over the top dictator. But I must say Meryl Streep never gave it up, one time I barely glimpsed Meryl and that is because I was really looking for it. Excellent acting, poor script.

I think my biggest audience is a travel sports team as now the Philippines are a major stat for me. Or the Survivor crew really likes me. They are shooting the next show there too.

Sales of guns have surged since the massacre in Connecticut. There is a bill going to the Governor here in Michigan to allow guns on some property including schools by CCW holders. The kicker is it outlaws open carry on school property which is now allowed. Who knew. I am thinking of buying one myself, while I can. Of course if I don't get it done-which I won't-before the Mayan end of the world it could be a moot point. NOTE: The Gov did not sign the bill so we will wait and see what shows up next.

On a serious note my oldest, dearest friend, Miss Florida has recommended 2 books by Kate Morton who also wrote Riverton House. The Forgotten Garden  and The Distant Hours. Just nice romantic mystery stories. But not total fluff and nonsense. Punkin Head recommended Fargo and Magnolias as excellent Steve Buscemi vehicles.

I still have not finished the Widow of the South. Damn.

And to address my non-nosiness the Slavs are at it again. Sammy Dog asked out and I was taken aback to see a huge diesel truck parked at the curb and blocking my driveway. Now why would this truck be blocking my driveway? It was out there forever with no activity and I am sure I missed the loading or unloading of the cargo. And just what cargo do I suspect was delivered, hmm, maybe more Slavs.


  1. I found a new book I am reaLLy enjoying:
    Connectome: How the Brain's Wiring Makes Us Who We Are by Sebastian Seung

    1. Sounds interesting, I made a note of it for the after Christmas sales.

  2. I am reading Bob Woodward's latest (I think you already have?)

    1. Yep, I won't spoil the ending (don't watch CNN) but it turned out to be not my favorite and I usually love his books. Loved the one he wrote on the Supreme Court.