Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sometimes ya gotta punt

I am only dealing with what I can control. I cannot control the Detroit Lions as Mr. Ford is not now and has never been an owner interested in winning football games. Losing to Arizona this season is as ridiculous as Sammy Dog thinking he and Bo  are going to have a doggie sleepover. WTF is wrong with this organization that we cannot get a semi-decent team? Did Bobby Layne really put a hex on them? The curse of QB?

The problem of which trashy TV show to watch solved itself. I watched Survivor last night and The Wedding this morning. I love this Comcast on-line shit. Survivor cracked me up, people's true personalities come out when the going gets tough and the boys turned out to be petty assholes and the female villain of the season turned out to be the most normal of the bunch. Denise won and more power to her, she did survive the bullshit.

The Bachelorette Wedding was trashy to the hilt with a few cute moments. Too few to make it worth watching. Trashy,YMMV, Maid of Honor looked liked a sales brochure for a tattoo parlor, Groom did not shave. Cute, Groom had a charm bracelet of their romance delivered while the bride was getting ready.

I did watch one other show on the computer that I am really liking, Nashville-that usually means it will be canceled as everything I like early on is usually canceled.

I had to send an email to my Czech friend about Big Daddy's gift, he sent one back telling me to go and get it from the Post Office. Think the Czechs have a different way of getting mail than we do. Well lo and beheld Oscar showed up on my porch yesterday with the present. I told him about Ilena being scared of Sammy and he cracked up. Oscar is always on my porch, we have door to door mail delivery here, I wonder how the Czech would like that.


  1. I saw a bit of something called Doomsday Preppers. LOL stuff.

    1. I wonder if it is too late to catch up before Saturday?