Sunday, March 3, 2013

Calling shenanigans

Door knocker on the door to Don's room.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield have sent me a letter that they are calling pre-existing condition on me. Everything I have read is telling me they cannot do this. I have had no lapse in coverage in the job change and the only thing I have wrong with me so far is the same old thyroid condition I have had for years. The letter does not spell out why I am a reject, only that I am a reject. I am not happy about this, being kicked under the bus for unknown reasons. And they can only put me on the reject list for 6 months until 2014 when more Obamacare happens. As we have had the insurance for 11 months this is rather strange.

On to happier happenings, the stereo fixer has half repaired our 1985 Pioneer stereo system purchased for 800 US dollars and change. The reason it appeared mostly dead was a transformer which he replaced. The cutting out is still a mystery and the hunt is on for a manual. Big Daddy checked and Don did have the manual that came with stereo, along with the receipt in "Don's room", but it is not detailed enough for the repair. The entire house is wired to this stereo and the amps that are wall mounted at the top of the ceiling in the family room were 300 US dollars.

There is a new P.J. Parrish book out, "Heart of Ice", BD picked it up yesterday. The series is about Louis Kincaid a law enforcement dude from Michigan. Louis moved to Florida, but the new book is set in Michigan again. Two sisters write these books, sending the manuscripts back and forth between them as they live in two different states-Michigan and Florida. They are a great read.

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