Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Doris Day Clock

With the receiver back in the hallway niche the Bose radio is now in the master bedroom ready to wake me in the most soothing manner. The Bose wake up system starts at a very low volume and slowly and elegantly raises to normal hearing.

One might wonder why I instead had the cheapo Target radio in the room for the last 13 or 14 years, until it died. It is because, as I was so harshly reminded, I cannot see the time on the Bose radio in the dark. I cannot see it in the daylight either. As I frequently awaken in the night and like to see the time I replaced the Bose with the cheapest radio/alarm clock in existence. All it was used for was to wake me up. And to check the time during the night and snooze usage.

I put the Bose in the guest room as I used the computer in there and could listen to the radio in the mornings. Now the guest room and the master bedroom do not have clocks that meet my needs. Guest room has no clock and master has 2 clocks that cannot be seen at night. There is also a Doris Day wall clock in the master, it runs on low voltage, and I have always kept it-even had to have a transformer replaced.

Off to think about clocks.


  1. Replies
    1. Way too much responsibility, I am still working on the non beige Mother of Groom attire.

  2. Bedroom clocks are a serious consideration. I don't like mine, and wonder how my granddaughter can sleep with that bright blue LED monstrosity she loves. Please let us know about your perfect fine; we'll line up to buy them.