Thursday, March 7, 2013

Odd happenings

I looked outside and there were about 50 or 60 people that I had never seen before milling about in the middle of the street. The men were all in suits and the women in all different outfits from casual to dressy. There was a woman standing in the middle of this gathering hold shiny green beads in her hands as if to pass them out, but she never did. They stood around for awhile and took some pictures and everyone got back in the cars and left. Maybe 15 minutes tops for this gathering. WTF.

Big Daddy and I were having a before dinner drink and some wonderful almonds coated in olive oil and rosemary. I left the room for a moment and when I came back Sammy dog was noshing along with us. This has never happened before. As my drink was non-alcoholic (lent) I was not worried there but I was not too sure about him digesting the nuts. I was also pretty pissed as I had to toss out the rest of the very expensive nuts due to dog slobber.

I went shopping yesterday for Punkin Head's birthday present and wouldn't you know it stores had everything but the one exact item I was looking for. Phooey. But it was good to know that Ace Hardware moved the broken ass cart to the new store so I felt comfortable in wrassling the crappy cart all over the store.

I traveling to other end of town on Mack Ave and I almost fell over when I saw a McDonald's store on the corner. There used to be car dealerships all over this section of Mack and when the bad times came and they all shut down, well now a Micky D is there in case Esby ever visits. It is on the Detroit side of the street as this would never be allowed in Grosse Pointe proper. They don't want to attract the riff raff ya know.

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