Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekly round up


It has been awhile but I believe this is a hyacinth.

Okay this means spring is coming. Maybe a shitty spring, but spring will be here. This is just outside my side door. There are some croci just down the driveway and I am waiting to see who is winning, the cats or the rabbits.

Good News this week:

The stereo is fixed. The cutting out was due to the fact that the soldering had disintegrated. I am amazed soldering in 1985 was so shoddy. Big Daddy should have this working this weekend.

I saw another new number on the scales this morning. Digital scales are the best. Although the actual numbers are meaningless it means I have lost about 7 pounds since I got serious. Also the silly blood work did show my cholesterol improved so I am gleeful.

The job interview went pretty well in my opinion. If I don't get an offer we will know my opinion is worthless. And at that point I doubt I will ever get another opportunity with this recruiter as I told the interviewer that in my opinion both jobs were part time and I could cover both the plants for them. Kinda cutting the recruiter out of a sale, so to speak.

Bad news:

You can blame the return to snow and crappy weather on me, I bought a spring purse today. Snow predicted for this evening, measurable amounts.

Hilarious news:

Big Daddy and I went to dinner last night. We are both out of our funks and it was a busy day. We went up to Bucci at 5 PM when they open. The place was packed and so busy I started wondering if it was New Year's Eve. Well, it was their 14th anniversary and the had rolled back prices to 1999 levels. I know Grosse Pointers are cheap, but swarming the joint at 5 PM on a Thursday is ridiculous.


  1. It was YOU who brought this crappy weather?! Thanks a BUNCH.

  2. Actually sound like a pretty good week, especially if you got your dinner.