Saturday, March 30, 2013

Live and learn

Minton China tea cup

I forgot to show you the spring tea cup for March. I bought this for my mother when I visited England in the early 90's.

We were out and about yesterday and it was finally warm enough that I was never cold. The weatherman said it hit 50. We had errands to run.


The store brand in most cases is so close to the same as the name brand it makes no sense to spend more money for the name.  I see no difference in the Cetaphil cleanser versus the CVS brand so I opted for the CVS sinus meds when we stopped by the store. I got the extra maximum strength sinus head clearing meth making meds as I had a pain in the right side of the forehead. It is working great. I also got brand name Afrin as nothing works as well. They make it in Menthol now. I also got some Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter, the colors are fabulous and they glide on like silk. They last just about 15 minutes.


I never used coupons because I never shopped but Big Daddy loves them. Well I got a coupon for Barnes and Noble in the email and off we went. Naturally they did not have the books we wanted. And of course we bought books because I cannot leave a bookstore without a book. On the 5 dollar book table I found Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker by Jennifer Chiavernini, it seems okay so far even though all her other books are about quilts (I found that odd).


Boring bloodwork.

I have the menu set for Easter dinner and the kids are joining us for the festivities. BD is out shopping and then he will need to make 2 more trips. One is for the gas station Easter Lily which is mandatory, the other is for the bargain discount Easter ready made basket from the drug store for Punkin Head. It is tradition.

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