Sunday, March 10, 2013

What a beautiful day

Today my Punkin Head is celebrating his birthday. He is looking forward to homemade lemon bars with fancy made lemons. He gets his love of lemons from his mommy.

Big Daddy and I finally found the requested double dutch oven on line and it is winging/bumping its way to college town. He gets his love of cooking from his daddy.

We hope he has a wonderful day.

Speaking of cooking I found a wonderful oatmeal muffin recipe on line and Big Daddy made it for Sunday breakfast. It is very good and not too sweet tasting. This afternoon we are making oatmeal bars with no sugar, he can take these on his trip the West BFE for snacks and nutrition. That is the one thing bad about his travels, no food or crappy food.

  The excitement for the week was finally finding clothespins after months of searching. ACO has them. Yes, I still hang clothes.

Well off to get the house in daylight savings mode. A tip from a home inspector years ago, flip all the switches in the electrical breaker boxes so the switches don't rust and break. We also change the batteries in the smoke detectors and clocks and watches and cars, quite a bit of work to do so we must get started.

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