Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Maybe Baby

Maybe Baby
Buddy Holly and The Crickets

We got our bloodwork results from the faux lab and wellness people. I am putting this information in the same category as the China physical results. My BMI is high, in the obese range actually, but that does not bother me as she put down my weight with jeans and snow boots and took an inch off my stated height. This place was in the outskirts of the 'hood and I was not about to take my boots off.  For these kinds of tests I would think some accurate measuring should be used. Any measuring would be good.

The results also showed my chloresterol has improved in the month of a better diet but my sugar was a bit high and it has never, ever been high. The only thing I know for sure and I think is the real reason for the test is that Big Daddy has been sneaking cigs. Don't leave town if you don't want me opening the mail.

I am having a job interview conundrum. Waiting to hear about one job and going on an interview tomorrow for a job I don't think I want. So much angst for maybe no job offer at all. We will see.