Friday, March 1, 2013

Nutbush City Limits

I am getting spring fever, first time in a long time. This involves buying music for the house and car and playing it non-stop until I am sick of it. This year will be Bob Seger, probably because he is doing a concert soon and his music is all over the talk radio station in the morning. Problem is I have no idea where to buy music anymore. This will require an investigation. A CD for the car and nothing for the house as I don't know if the stereo receiver can be fixed.

The Aurora Report has been a disappointment, no real activity in February so I am watching March like a hawk. The other time that is supposed to be active but secondary is in the fall.

I applied for another job today, this one is just something to take up time from the boredom. I am not getting decent responses from the resume and don't know if the 3 year gap is the killer or if the rumors are true that it is almost impossible to get hired in Michigan if you are not already employed.

Gotta get moving here as it is weekend eve and I have things to do.

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