Sunday, March 31, 2013

Rocky Cat's meme

My simplified responses

Eleven random facts about me:

1. I do not really know what a meme is, nor do I care.

2. I have not seen my natural hair color since my mid-teens and I really do not remember what color of brown it was.

3. I also went to visit the military to sign up for a career, they did not seem encouraging so I forgot about the life of a foreign language specialist.

4. I am really bad at foreign languages.

5. I refused to fly for about 10 years, mostly my 20's, I was terrified.

6. Pearls and garnets are my favorite gems.

7. I own more jewelry than any one person needs and I love and wear it all.

8. I have a very high tolerance for pain.

9. I have a very low tolerance for stupid.

10. I will read anything if I bored enough.

11. I really do not like most children.

Bonus 12. I do not know how to link to other Blogs.

Questions to Answer

1. What is one thing you failed at? So far getting a degree.

2. What is your favorite season? Autumn, I actually reminisce about wool skirts.

3. Do you ever wish you were someone else? No, that is creepy.

4. Is one of your children your favorite? Nope, only have one so he wins by default.

5. How often do you change your sheets? Weekly these days, in the olden days twice a week.

6. If you won a hundred million dollars, what's the first thing you would do? ( Besides call a lawyer, obv.) Make sure everyone in my family has enough money to survive. Then I would buy a house down south, and one in St. Augustine on the beach. Prolly get a pool boy.

7. What is the one thing you are afraid of? If I told you I would have to be afraid of you too.

8. Do you have a family member you argue with? Not anymore.

9. Have you ever intentionally physically hurt someone? Does grabbing a head-full of hair of the person attacking you count?

10. Ever broken someone's heart? Highly doubt it. Had mine broken? You bet.

11. What do you regard as the happiest moment of your life? Right now, this moment. Or maybe the one coming next. In comparison to the worst ones it does not take a lot to make me happy. When we were married Big Daddy showed up late so that was more relief, when Punkin Head was born I was worn out and the nurses were bitches.

I can't keep this going, it is just not my nature although I love peeping into other people's lives. Please feel free to tell my your deepest darkest secrets.

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  1. A house on the beach sounds awesome. and a pool boy ...

    Thanks for playing!