Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fire Fighting 101

There is something wrong in my job hunting world. Big Daddy gets calls everyday trying to lure him to greener pastures. I have the lady that just blew me off and the crazy recruiters. The blow off seems odd here in GP but whatever, it would have been nice to hear they thought I was a piece of shit. The recruiters have told me 9 different descriptions of this job and the company is constantly changing the date and time as no one can make an appointment to really commit to interviewing me and the other candidate. I am starting to understand why they are looking for a fire fighter, the latest iteration of the job description.

"Pro" for the job:
30 hours a week at time and a half is good money.

"Con" for the job:
Contract position
Probably 70 hours a week over 6 days.
Plant runs 5 AM to 2AM 6 days. Overtime would be Sunday.
No time for hair appointments and forget mani/pedis.
All new clothes and shoes, plus outerwear.

So I figure what if I just take the job with the intention of quitting after I make X amount of money. This will entail a great reason for quitting that won't make me look bad, I am thinking exhaustion. It is a contract position but I will not have any time to look for another job for awhile. So basically whoring myself out to the highest bidder for a specific amount of time. Yuck. And how much is enough.

The worst part is I am not good at quitting, especially without another job.


  1. Does not seem like a good deal to me.

    1. Leaving for the interview in an hour.

  2. Good luck with your interview (or I hope it went well as it sounds like you already had it)... Searching for a job these days is more work than working...