Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What a dame

Said dame, my niece, is getting ready for boot camp. She is such a trooper and a very good soul. I hope the Navy keeps her soul intact and teaches her a little about steel. She is my current favorite, my favorite is always the last one I saw. My nephew is not staying in touch and that worries me, he also needs a bit of steel. And he never did like Camp Auntie XXXXX, I put up with no shit from the kids. Actually the kids never gave me any shit.

Big Daddy is processing his new paperwork as the pee pee was drug free. I wonder how soon he will go to India, yuckoo. The sing song makes us both crazy, when you work with people that lie in sing song, it tends to make you nuts.

The Expresso pot needs to go in for service, BD bought a new toaster that seems to toast in one cycle, he bought a stupid digital timer from China that is a pain in the ass (I did ask him what were you thinking), and I still need a lawn mower.

My back is out again which pisses me off, I am getting the hives about 2 times a week (been to the best of the best with no results, long story) IBS is slowing down and I gained 3 pounds with the no smoking thing. I am hopeful to turn this all around this week.

As we are sharing cooking and thinking  up menus I was happy to see Cinqo de Mayo is Saturday, which is BD's cooking day and he can do his Mexican extravaganza. We use my grandmother's recipes with some additions from the Internet. My grandmother travelled to Mexico way back in the day with her sister and brother-in-law the wrestler. He used to wrestle his bear for the crowds. Word is he had a belt and was famous. Don't know what happened to the bear but when he retired they all became very respectable. And we got the recipes.

My grandmother's other sister was a roller derby queen. My grandmother was the tamest of the bunch and trust me she was known for cutting up.


  1. 'go to India'? What fresh hell is this?

  2. See next blog, it is fresher than fresh.