Friday, March 30, 2012

March got really confused today

I really had to go shopping, there was no choice in the matter. When I left it was cool and breezy. When I got out of the first store it was cold, windy, and raining. On the way to Trader Joe's it started hailing. And I still had one more stop to make. Big Daddy wanted me buy a lottery ticket and it had to be from Jerry's, an old fashioned party store here in the Pointe's. Jerry's is never busy in the early afternoon and there I went. There was no parking and inside you could hardly get down the aisle. Everyone and his cousin was buying a lottery ticket. Got BD's tickets so I won't be my fault when we don't win.

BD is telling me that Foxconn workers are angry about the Apple investigation and turning in every other company that works by the same rules. Apparently it is against the law to work 7 days in a row and all the migrants took these jobs for the huge hours. If they can't work the hours then "by Mao", neither will anyone else. And Mark Zuckerburg has been in Shanghai for quite a while now doing "Mao knows what".

Next week is Tomb Sweeping and China said everyone has to work Saturday and Sunday so they can have Monday-Wednesday off. Does anything of this make sense, no it is China.

So instead of leaving like a lamb, March is leaving like a lion or in Chinese, like an angry Dragon. Can't wait to see what April brings.

And, Punkin Head I got the fireplace lighted and it is nice.

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  1. My weather has been rather nice. My grape vines are doing lovely, with tiny grape bunches showing up. My pineapple is about four inches tall!