Monday, October 29, 2012


Sometime between when I quit paying attention yesterday and this morning that fucking storm has changed her plans and my plans. I live in Michigan. Hurricanes should not be a factor in my life.

I feel really bad for everyone in the east that thought this was a joke. It is no joke and very serious. Serious enough that my roof guy cancelled as he almost got blown off a roof this morning. Looks like I will leak a couple more days.

I asked Big Daddy to try and get home today while it is still daylight to see the lake. They are saying the waves will be higher than the lake is deep. Lake St. Clair is large but not really deep.

I am concerned about the trees that always manage to shed a few limbs. I hope we don't lose power but I am sure we will. Becs talked about some wind-up powered flashlights and I told BD we should look into those. Well, we did not so I am sure we will need them.

And I do need to know, where do all those people on the east coast evacuate to? And how since they mainly do not own cars and Teterboro is shut down?

This is a mess.


  1. I hope the Gargoyles keep you safe from Sandy.

  2. The wind up flashlights came in very handy, although I resorted to using batteries in the wind-up radio.

    Power's back, life goes on.