Monday, October 8, 2012

October fun

Some industrious neighbors, I thought it looked like a happy house.

Today I got my first eye checkup in many many years. And I bought my first pair of custom glasses. I like that better, custom glasses versus I need glasses to see glasses. My dad was hilarious, he had seeing eyeglasses and hearing eyeglasses. My eyes are as good as can be expected for a woman of my age and I can still wear readers for shopping and eating out.

I bought the final touches for my big project and I think I can take pictures and post on that tomorrow.

We took Sammy dog to the pet store as he needed a winter coat. He was shorn on Saturday and has been sleeping under the quilt the last few nights. I am sure my mother-in-law who hand made the quilt will love that. Finding a dog winter-covering is as difficult as finding me fat clothes. And according to the owner of Lou's Pet Store, not profitable. Sammy squealed and squirmed when we put the coat on him; I am sure he has had a coat before. When we put it on him this afternoon for an outing he showed the same enthusiasm --both booty shaking and vocally.

Our Detroit Police Chief with the wayward peenee has retired, at 44 years of age. The woman who started all of this by publishing a picture with her gun in her mouth, has been given her gun back and ok'd for return to duty. She works in Internal Affairs. I sat next to a woman at lunch today saying a bunch of these women are ready to sue. She was saying it into her phone. In a very tony restaurant. WTF. And the Mayor says he knew a lot of this stuff but thought the Chief  had changed his ways. Like a leopard changes his spots?

Tomorrow is hairdo day to get ready for the Wednesday graduation party.


  1. Hmmm...I thought dog clothes in your part of the world would be easy to find. Perhaps you should start knitting.

    1. Knitting is on the list, it has been on the list for 3 years.