Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Bad picture of the streetlight decoration during our Hurricane Sandy wanderings.

It is still cold and nasty and yucky for the Halloweeners. I remember poor Punkin Head was always sick on Halloween until he reached his teens. Asthma and allergies just did not get along with the nasty weather we usually had. The few times he did get out he usually ended up in the ER or the doctors office.

A few years ago they started having indoor parties for the kids. They said it was for safety I think it was for making sure that "certain" types were not on the streets. I am not sure what they do now.  I don't see many decorations on our streets.

Our roofing guy is coming Saturday morning so we will only leak for a few more days. It is not dripping water it is just getting surface bubbling on the fresh plaster.

Have a happy Halloween unless you are the scary spooky type.


  1. We never have kids visiting us now that we are in a secure apartment block. But I had some treats ready just in case.

    1. Kinda sad unless you get to eat your favorite treats so they don't go stale.