Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Project Pomandor success

My handmade pomanders.  Cloves poked into oranges.

My grandmother had the most amazing closet. She was quite the stylish dresser and she was quite beautiful. She also knew she was beautiful and some of the pictures of her posing in her finery outdo the fashion magazines of the day. In her closet by the shoes hung a pomander, not far from the fox stole with the head and feet. When I was young I loved her closets and drawers.

I finally found a recipe that was easy from Joseph The Butler, you simply bake them at 200. Now that I have a few I may also try some different techniques and fruits. I am also thinking of making dried orange slices for decorations. Big Daddy has a mandoline and I can work the oven now.

So in the evening while we are watching television and having tea we make pomanders.

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