Thursday, October 11, 2012

New ideas for a change of seasons

My Porcelain Berry vine is making a comeback. The berries are all different colors.


The limelight Hydrangea is just starting to turn color, when finished it should be brick red and then I let it dry on the bush for the birds to have cover.

Big Daddy and I need to go out and discuss the yard when he gets off his conference call. Yep, he is back at it with work stuff. When I originally designed the plantings I wanted some color and silhouette year round for eye appeal and the birds. Now I am pretty much into a redo and need to figure out a new direction. BD's horseradish experiment behind the garage has exploded and we think there are three plants back there now. That has to go and 2 areas need to be totally wiped out.

The dining room is almost bare and plaster is being readied for repairs. I need to pick out the colors and my peach ideas are not going to work. The rug is mainly a dark wine color, forgot about that as I had a different rug down. So we are probably back to all white again. And we need to discuss and figure out the electrical switches and seek out replacements. These are from the fifties. The house was built in 1954.

Last night we went took the kids to dinner for Punkin Head's graduation. Just to brag it is his second Master's and from U of M. He was quite proud as U of M does not like to take alums back for graduate work. His other Master's is from Temple. Anyway, we went to the Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe and it was fun. The food and drinks were on the high side and okay, the main entertainment was the crowd. We don't have many spots for live entertainment here and this was an all kinds crowd. There was no cover so that may have shaped the audience as mid-week is not the top draws. My favorite was an old guy that every once in a while just had to  "chair" dance. He was so cute. And he was drinking dark beer and then it looked like Spanish coffee. Gotta love it.

Sammy and I are gonna put on our coats and sit by the door waiting for BD to come out of the office.


  1. Oooh, I have a real soft spot for hydrangea.


    1. Me too and they are hard to grow here.

  2. Pretty! I just planted a basil plant. Perhaps we should encourage Badger to try a smaLL herb garden.

    1. Herb gardens need tending and I am not sure his tending skills are regular. Perhaps we should get him a Chia Pet and see how he does with that.