Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Avant debate and apres voting

I certainly hope no one does something so egregious tonight that I have to apologize for the next 4 years, just because I voted for the putz early. We have voted for many years now by absentee ballot as it just became too difficult to count on being able to vote in person. And no boss really gives a shit if you vote or you get your task completed. My boss did my job before he was the boss and he always referred to the job as that scene in Pulp Fiction where the clean up guys came in. That was us. And it is usually better if that stuff happens with no witnesses.

I am not positive I know exactly what the jumping of the shark phrase means, but, when TV shows that showcase B Listers, has-beens and almost made its have to resort to recycling them into the All Stars of the Hopeless shows, well I think that is really sad.

I have to find a new bottled water to drink. I am a huge fan of Fiji water which Punkin Head hates. He says it is a huge energy waster and so stupid, but I really do think it tastes the best. Well, I have a new project and I need round water bottles. Who would have ever thought someone would be shopping for plastic water bottles by size and heft.

Big Daddy narrowly averted disaster this evening. He went to dinner and ordered soup and salad. As they set the salad down and he looked at it a big light bulb went off in his old bald head. WTF was I thinking, he said. In developing countries salad and diarrhea seem to go hand in hand.

For some reason this week is remembering my musical days. This was another favorite I played back in the day. Another 8th grade I think.

I also babysat and that home had this album and I loved it. This could explain why I turned out the way I did.

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