Sunday, October 28, 2012

Saturday and Sunday Snippets

This is my Gargoyle. Big Daddy has one too. They guard the backyard for us.

I have asked Big Daddy not to stand next to the microwave when he heats up the water for his coffee. The Homer Simpson thing. This was suggested by Punkin Head.

Roofing guy coming Monday to fix the leak in the roof. It is the old furnace thing that sticks up there. We don't want to talk about the roof anymore and how we got screwed on the roof job we had done before.

The electrical switches are what they are until we rewire the entire house, so we need to think of them as whimsical reminders of kinder and gentler times. I think I will just ignore them.

The gutters are clean, the fountains drained and covered, leaves mulched and we are ready for winter. More or less. BD still has to shut off and drain the spigots.

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